Meet Ok Huh

OK HUH is a 23-year-old Electronic Voice Synthesizer who sings in a pristine voice a song entitled Resolution which is a re-recording of a very commercial Pop Song about New Year’s Eve Celebration.


The new recording features the down-home flavor of classic Pop/Reggae mixed with the gravitas of young lovers wishing to be alone to celebrate the New Year's Eve.


The track offers Mosa Records the incredible opportunity to re-work a great song using today's technology to create a meaningful and expressive immersive musical experiences for people in any part Globe can happily sing along with.


Music is one of the most uniquely transformative mediums of expression combining it with OK HUH'S immersive synthesized voice creating a new art form which is exponentially more powerful than the sum of its parts, and has been described as, the sound of tomorrow today.

Music Features

  • Pop Songs
  • Classic Pop Songs
  • New Year's Songs
  • Reggae Music Mixed
  • Commercial Pop Songs
  • Eve Celebrations Songs

Listen more on Ok Huh's SoundCloud:

OK HUH's "Resolution" music video is about a guy (young about 20-23 years old) meets a girl at a party. They chat, have a great time, start to flirt and after some time reach a point where they are about to kiss. But something happens and they are parted

Then, a few days later it is New Year’s Eve, the guy is sad because he didn't have a chance to kiss the girl, or at least get her contacts. He has a sheet saying "New Year’s Resolution", but can't figure what he wants (as all he wanted was the girl's number).

He turns on the TV and looks who is there - it is the same girl. She is a TV News reporter/TV anchor. She will be visiting different capitals of the world and reporting how people celebrate NY eve in those capitals. Due to time zone differences let's assume that the girl will have an hour or two to fly to a new location before the clock turns 12 (locally).

The guy instantly types his New Year Resolution in the sheet "catch the girl and kiss her". He then instantly leaves the apartment and goes on a journey of chasing her.

In the story, we have the same loops. The guy comes to a capital where the girl should be, but he is always late for a few minutes (we could possibly add a different reason for him being late) and has to chase her to the next capital. This way we can show the same loop animations with different capital backgrounds.

In the end, they meet, kiss and it is a happy ending.